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McVan Aerospace, LLC

McVan Aerospace, LLC

State-of-the-art Innovative Technologies

State-of-the-art Innovative Technologies

About Us

Company:  McVan Aerospace was formed in early 2007 after its founders, Brian Donovan and Ray McKaig, began developing an aircraft engine from scratch using current state-of-the-art technologies and materials. Both founders share in the desire to fly ultra-light aircraft with VTOL capability. No current engines are efficient enough or light enough for the power requirements to provide such capability. The only solution was to design a new kind of engine, and that has been accomplished.

McVan intends to expand the engine use well beyond aircraft, for applications such as hybrid car generators clear through heavy multi-purpose power system applications.

Ray and Brian have successfully created the ‘impossible’  (as said by professionals) on several projects prior to the Huba engine.

One of their most recent inventions is the World’s first optical broadcast computer interface switch that communicates through free space in an all-to-all simultaneous broadcast mode from each node, and was listed by the Wall Street Journal as the best new computer technology in 2010.

Prior patented inventions include a new Zero-Overhead interrupt and task switch computer processor that changes jobs instantly, and a new small and efficient type of analog-to-digital converter, and a purely class-D digital-to-analog converter currently in wide use.